👋Founder's Story

Ajom and Shahid, the co-founders behind Block Miners, have a friendship spanning over 20 years. Based in the UK, these entrepreneurial spirits are constantly on the lookout for new ventures and challenges.

Shahid, with a background in the medical field, has always been very technical-minded. Currently, Shahid is making strides in the medical sector and has a joint venture partnership with a medical optical firm

Ajom's entrepreneurial journey began in his early 20s with the establishment of an online retail marketplace specialising in high-end furniture, lighting, and home accessories, catering to B2B and B2C customers around the world.

In 2018, Shahid introduced Ajom to the world of cryptocurrency mining, setting the stage for their collaborative journey.

Initially, they ventured into mining Bitcoin using GPUs in Ajom's warehouse. After a year of successful GPU mining, they made the strategic decision to invest in ASIC miners as their expertise grew. Over the next couple of years, they continued to mine using ASICs in Ajom’s warehouse but was not hugely profitable due to the high electricity cost in the UK.

In early 2021 when Ajom and Shahid delved into the world of NFTs, actively buying and selling, their interest in NFTs grew, and so did their ambition to explore the intersection of NFTs and crypto mining. Over the past year, Ajom and Shahid worked on developing an idea that would allow NFT holders to mine crypto, making it accessible to individuals without the usual hassles.

To put their theory to the test, they found a 3rd party facility in Dubai with low electricity fees and bulk machine purchasing options they decided to purchase 20 miners to test the thesis at a cost of $110,000+

The results exceeded expectations, paving the way for the birth of Block Miners.

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