😍Mining Rewards

Upon successful completion of our NFT sale, we aim to secure miners to our facilities as soon as possible. Once the miners are live, they will be earning rewards for our holders from day one. The total revenue from the miners will be distributed as per the illustration below:

  • 75% Holders

  • 20% Business costs, development and maintenance

  • 5% IRL investments

We plan to conduct a compounding event. Compounding will allow us to continue to expand our mining facilities ensuring long-term profitability for our NFT holders. Once Bitcoin Halving has commenced a review of the landscape will be held to onboard additional miners that would be deemed profitable. (These percentages are a guide and could be subject to change)

Through strategic measures such as bulk orders, cost-effective electricity arrangements, and the advantages of economies of scale, our NFT miners are poised to outshine any residential mining setup in terms of efficiency and return on investment.

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